Rewards - Incentives Explained

We Value Your Feedback

KIDzOUT is available for free download. For the first 60 days after its release, the app works in an unlimited manner. Thereafter, we will offer a free, limited version, which allows you to search once a week.

Help us help others know where to go, and we’ll make it worth your while. Because we want our app to include locations beyond chain stores and restaurants or city parks, we want your input. We encourage you to share the app with your friends, and we will reward you for helping us fine-tune locations by offering feedback / ratings, and adding /editing locations.

Soon, we will offer the unlimited paid Traveler version. With hundreds of thousands of user-rated locations you just can't find anywhere else, we are convinced this app will save you valuable time and money, whether you’re on the road or just across town.

3 ways to receive Rewards...

  1. Add / Edit Locations - Add 5 locations, and we will give you a complimentary KIDzOUT Traveler (unlimited) version of KIDzOUT. This is your chance to add in local, hometown favorites. We track your additions through your Facebook login to make this easy for you.
  2. Location Feedback - Write 5 location reviews, mark 5 features (e.g. whether a location has diaper decks, kids menus, playground features, etc.), or give 10 star ratings, and you also earn a free KIDzOUT Traveler version.
  3. Share KIDzOUT - Recommend the app to three users who sign up and use the app, and we'll give you an unlimited Traveler version as well.