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KIDzOUT is a highly detailed, GPS-based application that uses a proprietary database of over 65,000 relevant POIs with searchable details:

  • Diaper Deck locations (sorted by Women’s Room, Men’s Room and Family Room installations),
  • Family-friendly restaurant details (high chairs, Diaper Decks, playgrounds, gluten-free menu options, etc.)
  • Playground locations (bathrooms, water fountains, playground features)
  • Medical Locations (ER’s, walk-in medical facilities, pharmacies, etc.).

This allows families to travel almost anywhere in the U.S., and Know Where To Go when they need to take care of urgent children’s needs.

An idea is born

The idea for KIDzOUT actually started quite simply several years ago starting on a vacation in Hawaii, and reinforced on a family road trip from Wyoming to Minnesota. Robb and Jen’s kids were quite young at the time, and every time they stopped the question was: “do you remember which gas station at this exit had the diaper deck?” At that time, Robb and Jen started dreaming of a kind of parents’ road atlas that listed rest stops and gas stations that had diaper changing stations.

Jen started talking about the idea with some moms from her mother’s group and everyone repeated, “yes, please do this now.” Jen and Robb started talking about the idea with their friends Seth and Sandrine whose kids were older, and so of course they had different needs. And then the idea just sort of evolved to include parks, kid-friendly restaurants and urgent care centers.

As the four of us talked, we realized no one was providing parents with solutions—in any format—that would allow them to spend less time worrying and more time enjoying their family time. As any parent with children can attest, it doesn’t matter how much preparation you’ve done before you leave the house, once you’re out and about it’s inevitable: !t is going to happen. And, modern families are so incredibly on the go: they spend their weekends shuttling kids to practices and birthday parties; the whole family goes on vacation. Most of us know which restaurant in our neighborhood is appropriate for our kids, but we wanted a solution for parents wherever they find themselves in the country: so they can know where to go no matter where they roam.

Of course the advent of smart phones and apps changed everything, and it became possible to put all that pertinent information right at parents’ fingertips.

The Team

  • Seth Heine

    Seth Heine - Seth Heine, company President, is a seasoned entrepreneur with more than ten years experience in the mobile industry. Married with three young kids, he wishes he’d had this app years ago. Seth’s wife Sandrine loves the Medic! button, and feels naked without it when she is out and about with the kids.

  • Robb Hicks

    Robb Hicks - Robb is the Chairman of KIDzOUT. Robb has spent his life connecting people to information. A third-generation newspaperman, Robb continues to be involved in the media, owning and managing multiple community newspapers. In the late 1990’s, Robb played a pivotal role in bringing Internet connectivity to rural markets and still maintains a partnership with a regional ISP. When he’s not crunching numbers or analyzing media market trends, Robb enjoys playing tennis and racquetball, hitting the links, and spending time with his family.

  • Jen Sieve-Hicks

    Jen Sieve-Hicks - Jen is the customer advocate of KIDzOUt; she is charged with making sure the app is meeting the needs of mothers nationwide. Jen is a mostly stay-at-home mom to a 4-year-old and a 2-year-old. Jen worked for a major tech company before pursuing a college teaching job. These days when she’s not playing with the kids, you might find her running on a nearby trail, tending the garden or cooking up something in the kitchen.